Simon Harper

UX Open Courseware

The new 2013/2014 Edition of COMP33512 User Experience Unit is underway! You’ll notice that I’ve left last years posts on the website as an archive just so you can look ahead as we go if you’d like. You’ll also notice that there is information that you should look at immediately under the ‘Important’ menu item,…


W4A 2014 – Get to Korea!

So the W4A14 programme is ramping up with a whole heap of good stuff. From a first class technical programme to the Wednesday Un-conference to the joint W4A-WWW panel session just announced. This year the W4A Challenge Winners will also be demoing in the main WWW conference event too as a cross-over activity to get…


Patronage in Research

It seems to me that patronage in the sciences is becoming more important than the science, or the proposal itself. With the EPSRC move to focus funding on specific researchers we are starting down a very dangerous path. The focus on ‘outstanding researchers’ with proven track records means that most researchers work will be lost,…

Academic Markdown

Academic Markdown Pre-Processor (AMPP)

I’m furiously writing course notes in Markdown, ready for my first lecture course which will be starting tomorrow. I want to use Markdown because I can more accurately translate it to pdf, rtf, html and the like – the same generation of LaTeX to HTML is often a problem.