That Pesky Number 7

In reality then, we have trouble differentiating uni-dimensional stimuli such as audible tones played without reference to each other, but we can differentiate more than seven tones when played in a sequence, or separately when multiple dimensions such as loudness and pitch are varied. Further, we are able to remember more then seven things within a list especially if those things are related or can be judged relatively, or occur as part of a sequence.

Laughable Proposals to Raise UK Tuition Fees

I am not averse to some form of changing but this must be proportionate with anything over £3,500 being way too much in the present climate; and the loan must be subsidised. In fact the Welsh system seems to be working well.

Interaction Research Dead at WWW

Lets be honest, if you’re into linkedata, search, or social networks you’re going to get some papers within your domain, if you’re into interaction research its going to be very meagre pickings.