Interface Systems Evaluation & Innovation

I recently came across a paper discussing the evaluation of user interface systems. In it the author proposes that complex user interface systems and architectures do not readily yield to the research methods we currently use. It was at this point I started to bristle with derision in a very defensive…

Da Vinci the Genius?

MOSI is currently hosting the ‘Da Vinci the Genius’ exhibition. It’s a travelling exhibition so it may be coming to a town near you. I saw this exhibit a short time ago, and it set me to thinking if the exhibition quote, ‘the greatest genius the world has ever seen’, is really true?

Model-Based User Interfaces and the Web

This maybe just what we need to start moving deep cognitive understandings of the Web Ergonomics of users into a form that can help us simulate and apply this knowledge to instances of Web Interactivity, sort of a CogTool on steroids.