Human Factors from 30,000ft – Gime Feedback!

I’m writing a final year undergraduate unit on Human Factors – it will be the first that that they have seen being that we are a hardcore engineering School – and I’d like your thoughts! Ignore the administrative stuff associated with work her in Manchester, but what about the unit content and the reading list (both at the bottom)? Any suggestions for units that have already proved effective will be greatly appreciated!

Web, Art, Science Camp: Broadly a Success! #webartsci

So I recently attended the Web, Art, Science Un-conference / Camp and I must say it was pretty good. While it was a small affair attracting about 35 participants, the bulk being Web Scientists from Southampton, it was refreshing to see different literary work and analysis in a scientific context. I’d say that for the next one a greater effort needs to be made to attract practising artists and writers as opposed to scientist and academics studying literature.