The Cocktail Party Problem [#accessibility #a11y]

This can only be useful work in the domain of blindness, situation impairment, and accessibility in that it may be possible to convey limited Web page information spatially, dynamically, and with a high degree of comprehension at seven (or nine) times faster because of the ability to comprehend highly parallel speech.

ゆいまる – Yuimaru [#w4a11 #w4a12]

We are not a company that is in competition with others, instead we are a community of researchers and good scientific research will only enhance our own scientific research and our understanding of the world through our scientific endeavours. Only by acknowledging the results of others searches for meaning, can we enhance our own search for meaning.

Digital Umami [#accessibility #a11y #ux]

It seems to me that gamification may be useful to add a little spice but that without answers to the possible transfer of negative game playing traits the amount of value-added may turn out to be smaller then we imagine.