W4A 2012 Ready to Go! [#accessibility #a11y #w4a12 #w4a2012]

I can hear the gentle swooshing of the the Rhône and Saône rivers because W4A 2012 is ready to go and situated in Lyon, France. With a theme dedicated (but not exclusively) to ‘The Web of Data and Accessibility’ I’d expect some interesting papers this year!

External Validity [#accessibility #a11y]

Simply, there is no way that any human factors work can maintain external validity with a single study, the participant numbers are just way too low – even when we have 50 or 100 users.

Open Volunteer Exchange [#accessibility #volunteerism]

Open Volunteer Exchange is a distributed platform to enable volunteering organisations to Exchange volunteers. It was created by J.P Lacerda, Damo Walsh, and Sam van Lieshout (First Years at The University of Manchester) and mentored by me. The aim of the project is to enable people to quickly organise events requiring a group of volunteers with diverse skills.