W4A 2012 Ready to Go! [#accessibility #a11y #w4a12 #w4a2012]

I can hear the gentle swooshing of the the Rhône and Saône rivers because W4A 2012 is ready to go and situated in Lyon, France. With a theme dedicated (but not exclusively1) to ‘The Web of Data and Accessibility’ I’d expect some interesting papers this year!

W4A LogoI see that the The W4A is ready to go with it’s 2012 offering in it’s 9th incarnation. The International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibility (W4A) is the main conference on Web Accessibility bringing together computer scientists, psychologists, accessibility experts and technologists from academia and industry. As a result, the views on Scientific Enquiry, Research, Development, and Engineering from different domains are shared, discussed and put together every year, fostering in this way a balanced evolution of Web Accessibility Research.

This year the 9th edition of W4A is dedicated to the Web of Data and Accessibility. The W4A will focus on how web accessibility testing, repairing or data generated by user interaction can contribute to the explosion of data on the Web. Moreover, the way people with disabilities can benefit from such phenomena and the barriers found when interacting with the web of data will also be explored. Therefore topics will range from the accessibility of Linked Data repositories to the processing of data produced by accessibility crowdsourcing tools without forgetting about traditional research areas such as mobile web accessibility amongst others.


  1. The site says: ‘Don’t be Deterred! While ‘The Web of Data’ is this years theme, please don’t be deterred if this somewhat unique area is not yours. We would like to see all quality work on Web Accessibility regardless of the particular field within accessibility. The overriding reason for a paper being accepted is its high quality in relation to the broad area of Web Accessibility.’

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