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A new departure this year for the W4A – on Wednesday morning of conference week there will be the first W4A conference / camp; and it’s free!

The organisers say:

It is free, anyone can attend BUT there are no facilities – we may be ‘reclaiming the streets’, squatting in the hotel lobby or bar,  under a tree in the park, or in someones hotel room, and sniffing for Wi-Fi where ever we can get it. In-short anarchic and very flexible – BUT with the advantage of discussing work, ideas, research collaborations, demo-ing projects, giving advice to PhD students, reading and feed-backing on papers, or looking at what went wrong with your submission this year!

You can read more on the W4A Camp page.

To me this seems like a really good idea (I suppose because I’m involved) because it lets us discuss our research ideas, discuss hot topics, listen to early work,  form loose networks, discuss best practice, help PhD students focus, mentor for next years technical submissions, and have a social (less formal) morning outside the confines of a formal conference.

I’ll be there…


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