Jim Hendler at the W4A! #w4a12 #ally #accessibility

As David Sloan tells us the W4A is ‘the biggest annual gathering of the web accessibility research community.’ And this year’s Keynote – By Prof. Jim Hendler – was a ‘Doozy’.

I Love Active Tiles! [#a11y #accessibility #UX]

It seems to me that moving ActiveTiles from a visual UI to an auditory format may be very useful for providing point Gist updates, and fast systems overview status information

Accessibility the Ghost! – #accessibility #a11y

It seems to me we just can’t put our finger on a concise collection of knowledge and thought surrounding a scientifically valid corpus of testable understanding. Accessibility research is spread out across many domains, there is no generally accepted definition, and the guidelines and standards which are collected (often not by the research community) are…