Let’s Hangout at ASSETS 2012

This year at the W4A we used USTREAM to broadcast everything to anybody who wanted to see. We got generally good responses and 20% of the audience was (at some points) watching online. The only complaints came because of the adverts inserted into the stream at the expense of the talks. So at ASSETS there doesn’t seem to be a stream – but I though I’d try an adhoc Google Hangout Broadcast.

I don’t know how this will work, how accessible it will be, what will be broadcast, or anything else for that matter. But in the spirit of open social media I intend to try it unless someone stops me. If we want to caption it then you should voluntarily tweet the speech, crowd-sourcing style, such that a full transcript occurs. Now ASSETS sometimes has sign-language translation – I’ll try and include this in shot if I can.


One thought on “Let’s Hangout at ASSETS 2012

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