Hurricane Sandy

Well this is just a test card really. I’m stuck in transit due to Hurricane Sandy; so there will be no post of any consequence this week.

Next week, however, I’ll be picking my ‘Best Paper’ from ASSETS 2012, and after that I’ve a few interesting changes to ACM Open Publishing to discuss. It also seems like Vint Cerf is interested in accessibility too; I’ll be discussing this the week after.

But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!

Oh and if you happen to be in LAX Terminal 7, sit at gate 73 with your back to the wall and facing ‘Karl Strauss Hand Crafted Beer’ – you’ll see ‘united_club’ pop up on your wifi network connections; now enjoy the free unsecured wifi leaking out of the First Class Lounge!


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

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