Vint Cerf on Accessibility!

As I said a few weeks ago, this week it’s Vint Cerf on Accessibility. So what does one of “the fathers of the Internet”, and new ACM President have to say about accessibility and its importance. But this said for him even to be talking about accessibility sees a significant change from the past; when accessibility was mainly lip-service.

ACM Open Publishing

So you may already know my views on Open Publishing and the ACM Authorizer Service; and as promised the ACM has some exciting news about Open Publishing in different forms.

ACM ASSETS 2012: The Best Paper According to Me!

Well I’m finally back from ASSETS and the jet lag is disappearing. While ASSETS allocates the official Best Paper prizes most years I disagree. This year is no exception and for me the best paper – and science at ASSETS 2012 was ‘Evaluation of dynamic image pre-compensation for computer users with severe refractive error’