Users at WWW2013

As per normal, my short and mostly unheard rant about HCI and WWW! This year we did have some HCI under the title ‘Social Web UI’. Two other session did look promising, ‘User Behavior in OSN’ and ‘Behavioral Analysis’, but alas no, miss titled in mine, and other HCI’ers opinion. These were mostly ‘throw tweets at ML/AI’ and wait. Social Web UI was the only viable option.

W4A and W4A Camp Trip Report

Well as you can expect, after the W4A 2013 and W4A Camp 2013 there comes the trip report. I can tell you that the research was excellent and the quality of discussion was awesome. But don’t take my word for it have a look at the videos for each session.

Google Cards NOW!

You’ll know that I’m super interested in Glance Interfaces and Gist Summaries. I see the combination of these two technologies and techniques as being instrumental to the information overload we all now face – and that which was originally faced by blind users navigating through complex and extensive information. I’ve been working on these topics for the last 12 years with gist summerisation papers produced since 2006(ish).

The ACM Hypertext and Social Media Conference is for YOU!

You may not believe it, but ACM Hypertext and Social Media conference maybe just he place your your HCI and/or Accessibility work. With average downloads per article running at 384 and average citations per article at 6.87 (according to ACM bibliometrics) this 100 person conference is comparable to CHI.