Web Accessibility: A Foundation for Research

Well good news – no royalties to speak of, but at least the message is out there and Journal editors, journalists and bloggers can request a free online review copy of your book right from your book’s  homepage.

Since its online publication on Sep 11, 2008, there has been a total of 5293 chapter downloads for your book on SpringerLink, our online platform. Over the last year(s) the download figures have been as follows:

Year Chapter Downloads
2012 1030
2011 1350
2010 1042
This means your book was one of the top 50% most downloaded eBooks in the relevant Springer eBook Collection in 2012.
As you can see, in addition to the print book, the electronic version reaches a broad readership and provides increased visibility for your work. This is especially noticeable in the long run: statistical data shows that the usage of electronic publications remains stable for years after publication, so this is what you can expect for your book for the years to come.
To present your book ‘Web Accessibility’ to its potential readers and make it findable by search engines, your book has its own homepage, which can be shared through social media and where you can download a flyer for your book!



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