Academic Markdown

Academic Markdown Pre-Processor (AMPP)

I’m furiously writing course notes in Markdown, ready for my first lecture course which will be starting tomorrow. I want to use Markdown because I can more accurately translate it to pdf, rtf, html and the like – the same generation of LaTeX to HTML is often a problem.

Conceptual Open Hypermedia

Old Research Becomes New Utility!

In my slogging through markdown editors, previewers, display engines, plugins and the like I keep coming back to Brett Terpstra’s site who seems to be a hub for modern markdown applications. Indeed, one of Bretts plugins for markdown is called ‘searchlink‘. This is a nifty little markdown pre-processor which creates a site of links based on a…

Markdown for Academics

For the past few months I’ve been experimenting with markdown and multimarkdown as authoring formats for academic work. This is especially the case when you need to produce a document in multiple formats, or if the format required by the publisher changes.

Hyperetext is for Thinking

Search and Serendipity

In the Autumn issue of the ACMs SIGWEB newsletter (for members) I came across – Rasmus Rosenqvist Petersen. 2013. Criminal network investigation is all about hypertext. SIGWEB Newsl. Autumn, Article 2 (September 2013), 7 pages. DOI=10.1145/2528272.2528274 (Bib at the End). And this got me to thinking about Search and Serendipity.