W4A 2014 – Get to Korea!



So the W4A14 programme is ramping up with a whole heap of good stuff. From a first class technical programme to the Wednesday Un-conference to the joint W4A-WWW panel session just announced.

This year the W4A Challenge Winners will also be demoing in the main WWW conference event too as a cross-over activity to get the ‘Accessibility’ word out there! I’m really looking forward to all of these different events and activities. And the Crazy Wednesday discussions are normally really informative and are growing in popularity each year!

The conference is going from strength to strength… See you there!

W4A and WWW Joint Panel

2020: game over for accessibility?

  • will accessibility still be an issue?
  • is it an essential trait of human interaction with information or
  • will technology be able to overcome accessibility barriers?
  • what shape will assistive technology have?
  • what kind of users could be left behind?


  • Dr. Chieko Asakawa
  • Prof. Sang-Mook Lee
  • Prof. Kun Pyo Lee
  • Prof. Bebo White


  • Prof. Giorgio Brajnik


  • After W4A, on Wednesday April 9, in the afternoon
  • Time and location: TBA


  • free access for W4A delegates
  • open to all WWW14 delegates

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