UX Open Courseware

Simon Harper

Simon Harper

The new 2013/2014 Edition of COMP33512 User Experience Unit is underway! You’ll notice that I’ve left last years posts on the website as an archive just so you can look ahead as we go if you’d like.

You’ll also notice that there is information that you should look at immediately under the ‘Important’ menu item, and this will be updated as the unit progresses.

You can tweet on #comp33512 if you’d like to talk with everyone else as well as me on the unit.

This year we are going all electronic and the unit notes will be provided only in electronic format. The slides will be placed on my SlideShare account and the lecture videos on my YouTube channel.

The notes are an adventure in Lean Publishing – and I’ll get to that in the next few weeks – but eitherway you can still get the pre-release notes from the Website. Let me know what you think of the unit.


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