Tiree Tech Wave

Tiree Tech Wave

Alan Dix’s Tiree Tech Wave hits its 7th edition in a couple of weeks. I would go but I’ll be away at the ACM Special Interest Group Governing Board – but you might be interested. Alan says: Tiree Tech Wave offers a time to step out, albeit momentarily, from a target-driven world, to experiment and play with…


Computers and Human Behaviour

A Snapshot of the First Encounters of Visually Disabled Users with the Web

Our New paper on visually disabled users first encounters with the Web – Vigo, M. and Harper, S. (2014). A snapshot of the first encounters of visually disabled users with the web. Computers in Human Behavior, 34(0):203 – 212 – is accepted by Computers in Human Behavior. We say that navigating the Web is particularly challenging for disabled users…