Marmite and Toast

CHI 2014 – Here we GO!

So you either love CHI or you hate CHI! It’s like Marmite (for those who know what that is). Now I Love Marmite, but hate CHI – although I expect I shouldn’t say so, as I’ve two papers in this year and the Lab has three!  In reality I don’t hate CHI per-say – and…


Common Crawl

The Common Crawl

About 5 years ago, every keynote I attended seemed to be by an evangelist from one of the big Web companies, such as Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook and the like. At each of these the general sentiment seemed, to me, to be that they had the crawl data, they could do the big analysis, they…


W4A 2014 Trip Update

Well a slightly delayed post from the W4A 2014, on account of me getting a nasty virus halfway through and only just being able to both write, and then back post this entry! Now as you may know I’m pretty well connected with the W4A organisation, and the conference changed a little this year with…