PaperPile – maybe Good for you?



So every so often I take a case about to look for software that will help me in my academic jobs. Recently, when bored from that Korean Virus caught at the W4A/WWW 2014 I started to look for paper management solutions on-line – just to see if there was anything out there better than BibDesk. Now I often start with the excellent site ‘’ and in this case decided that ‘‘ would be a good starting point.

At this point I came across ‘PaperPile‘ – now I don’t want to pay – and I don’t use Google docs for building research papers – but a lot of people do – especially those not already in computer science and therefore not already familiar with how great LaTeX and BibTex is!

But If your Bio or the like then maybe Paperpile is for you… heck even I’m tempted!

Paperpile uses the latest web technologies in Google Chrome to bring traditional desktop-only advanced features to a modern web-application. Integrate your reference management into the Google Apps ecosystem used by thousands of researchers for their daily work. Sign in to Paperpile with your Google account and get started within minutes.


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