Identifying Patterns in Eyetracking Scanpaths in Terms of Visual Elements of Web Pages – ICWE 2014 Paper

14th International Conference on Web Engineering ICWE 2014

14th International Conference on Web Engineering ICWE 2014

I’m happy to say that Sukru got a nice trip to France to deliver our paper ‘Identifying Patterns in Eye-tracking Scan-paths in Terms of Visual Elements of Web Pages[1] at the 14th International Conference on Web Engineering ICWE 2014 [2]. In it we say that ‘Web pages are typically decorated with different kinds of visual elements that help sighted people complete their tasks. Unfortunately, this is not the case for people accessing web pages in constraint environments such as visually disabled or small screen device users. In our previous work, we show that tracking the eye movements of sighted users provide good understanding of how people use these visual elements. We also show that people’s experience in constraint environments can be improved by reengineering web pages by using these visual elements. However, in order to reengineer web pages based on eye-tracking, we first need to aggregate, analyse and understand how a group of people’s eye-tracking data can be combined to create a common scan-path (namely, eye movement sequence) in terms of visual elements. This paper presents an algorithm that aims to achieve this. This algorithm was developed iteratively and experimentally evaluated with an eye-tracking study. This study shows that the proposed algorithm is able to identify patterns in eye-tracking scan-paths and it is fairly scalable. This study also shows that this algorithm can be improved by considering different techniques for pre-processing the data, by addressing the drawbacks of using the hierarchical structure and by taking into account the underlying cognitive processes.’ Notes

  1. @INCOLLECTION{ErYeHa14, author = {Eraslan, Sukru and Yesilada, Yeliz and Harper, Simon}, title = {Identifying Patterns in Eyetracking Scanpaths in Terms of Visual Elements of Web Pages}, booktitle = {Web Engineering}, publisher = {Springer International Publishing Switzerland}, year = {2014}, editor = {Casteleyn, Sven and Rossi, Gustavo and Winckler, Marco}, volume = {8541}, series = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science}, pages = {163-180} }
  2. The 14th edition of ICWE is centered around the theme of “Engineering the Web for users, developers and the crowd”, hereby highlighting the importance of all the different people that, somehow, participate in the development process of interactive Web applications and, ultimately, becomes the actors and the main users of the best practices and results of the research performed in the domain of the Web Engineering.

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