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On the Path to Measuring Parkinson’s Progression

So I’m happy to say that we have just got our RCUK Medical Research Council (MRC) Confidence in Concept grant to start work on a combination on voice quality analysis, expression recognition, and passive sensing – ‘Towards a mobile health device for day to day monitoring of Parkinson’s disease’ The main aim of this project…


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Attention Approximation – distribution of cognitive load

Was talking with Andy this morning re ‘TV no longer commands our full attention’ [1] and the work we are doing with the BBC. It was interesting to consider the outcomes of the paper in the light of the attention approximation work, also with regard to the implication that there is an increased cognitive load and we…

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Man Computer Symbiosis

Last week Arne Renkema-Padmos (@hcisec) tweeted that my ‘The History of HCI in 15 Papers‘ series was worth a look (and I didn’t even pay him for the recommendation). Taking a look back myself I see there are a number on the list which need a fuller write up. I always intended to do this…