Hypertext 2014 – Good for HCI, Social Network Analysis, and Linking in General

25th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media, 1–4 Sep 2014, Santiago, Chile.

25th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media, 1–4 Sep 2014, Santiago, Chile.

So I’m off to Chile in a couple of months for the ‘25th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media, 1–4 Sep 2014, Santiago, Chile‘. I don’t have a paper accepted, but attending hypertext is still a great idea especially if you’re interested in practical human factors and practical HCI. It’s strange but as you will see from my ‘HCI in15 papers‘ summary there is a lot of hypertext overlap with the HCI/CHI community.

In fact I was even more amazed that the price of flights to Santiago are not as much as I expected. Indeed, if you have ‘time’, you can get a flight from Europe for £600, if you only want to spend 17 hours on the plane then it will cost you about £980, if you want to be there in 15 hours with no stops the best I’ve managed to find is £1400. These may seem slightly expensive, however, when you compare them to a flight to New York from Manchester the £600 is comparable. I’m super excited to be going and I’m really pleased by all of the effort that is gone into hypertext this year especially that from the general chairs specifically Leo Ferres and Gustavo Rossi.

This year the conference will focus on the role of hypertext and hyperlink theory on the web and beyond, as a foundation for approaches and practices in the wider community – ranging from the usage of social media to the semantics of the ‘Internet of Things’. HT also welcome submissions that focus on the linguistic aspects of hypertext and user experience with linked entities, resources and events and has the following tracks:

I can see these tracks mostly include information and work about humans and people… which makes the conference of interest to me. If you’re into the web or into HCI then I suggest you think about attending! Its a four-day conference with workshops, tutorials, and the main program.

So hopefully, see you there in a couple of months!



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