Search Gear #2 – Go, Twitter, json, twitterfetcher, anaconda, twittergo!

Search Gear Notes

Search Gear Notes

Go, Twitter, json, twitterfetcher, anaconda, twittergo

Looking to choose a twitter api

  gockel – a Twitter client for text terminals –

  twitterfetcher – A tool to make Twitter API requests using the Application-only authentication –

  Digestw – A Web Application – Twitter’s Timeline Digest –

  webtf – Web app to graphical visualization of twitter timelines using the HTML5 – – Interesting

  anaconda – Client library for the Twitter 1.1 API –

  twittergo – Client library for Twitter’s API –

Tweet – #golang twitter api recommendations / experiences? twitterfetcher, anaconda, twittergo? Thinking twittergo – more examples. Thoughts?

@rndmio -> @sharpic I’ve used anaconda a couple of times, I prefer functions to crafting URLs and having to parse the results (twittergo).

So on this advice I think I’ll use anaconda.

Probably need to use json for data saving and exchanging – spec at and go package at: import “encoding/json” more at – go encoding in general looks interesting


Package encoding defines interfaces shared by other packages that convert data to and from byte-level and textual representations.

  •      ascii85 – Package ascii85 implements the ascii85 data encoding as used in the btoa tool and Adobe’s PostScript and PDF document formats.
  •      asn1- Package asn1 implements parsing of DER-encoded ASN.1 data structures, as defined in ITU-T Rec X.690.
  •      base32 – Package base32 implements base32 encoding as specified by RFC 4648.
  •      base64 – Package base64 implements base64 encoding as specified by RFC 4648.
  •      binary – Package binary implements simple translation between numbers and byte sequences and encoding and decoding of variants.
  •      csv – Package csv reads and writes comma-separated values (CSV) files.
  •      gob – Package gob manages streams of gobs – binary values exchanged between an Encoder (transmitter) and a Decoder (receiver).
  •      hex – Package hex implements hexadecimal encoding and decoding.
  •      json – Package json implements encoding and decoding of JSON objects as defined in RFC 4627.
  •      pem – Package pem implements the PEM data encoding, which originated in Privacy Enhanced Mail.
  •      xml -Package xml implements a simple XML 1.0 parser that understands XML name spaces.

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