Search Gear #5 – A Week of Go!

Search Gear Notes

Search Gear Notes

Go, A Week of Go! So this is just a short reflection note. Go seems to be a reasonably good language to learn. I like a number of the features although I think sometimes the running of those programs especially when learning the language leaves a lot to be desired (I’d particularly like there to be a lenient build mode available for us newbies). I think that trying to learn go as well as a different programming paradigms, such as test driven development, also is apt to confuse things; and finally, I think that the documentation and examples provided in some third-party developed packages leaves a lot to be desired. Especially when it comes to learning aspects of the language which some developers aren’t familiar with. I have a feeling there is nothing inherently wrong with the documentation per se but that a lot is assumed and more explicit details and examples would be a great help especially in a language which isn’t as mature as many others. That said I’m still continuing with go and with test driven development including continuous integration and hopefully there will be some actual progress on coding the logic as opposed to struggling with implementation matters — which should be sorted already — next week. Thinking for the Twitter functionality runs something like this:

  1. So need to consider i18n and a user file to drive the user config.
  2. In this case we need to pull in the API keys from the config,
  3. pull in the hashtags that might be useful
  4. search and return those hashtags
  5. pull in the users home feed too.
  6. Interval works on a one day cycle so we need to store all tweets – lets just do user home feed first but make flexible to do the same with hashtags, maybe users too?
  7. Once a clean day of data is stored and curated (may need to run periodically to do this)
  8. we need to enact the algorithms to summarise the data stream
  9. and then build the email and push to the correct email address – clearing the raw data.
  10. midnight to midnight should work – from config too.

so config is the next job….


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