Search Gear #8 – Go doesn’t like encfs it seems!

Search Gear Notes

Search Gear Notes

Go, doesn’t like encfs it seems!

Something strange is happening – a day trying to run my go code to no avail – go itself seems fine – but something strange is going on with the packages I’ve gone and got. So I think it maybe the cocktail app run on Friday evening – which is supposed to clean the system – but may have crashed early. So running it again right now – if still no joy, then I think I’ll need to remove and reinstall the packages

go get -v
go get -v
go get -v
go get -v
go get -v
go get -v
go get -v

Up on reinstall, found i18n:

Right all packages removed and then reinstalled.

Still no Joy – so remove and reinstall go 1.3.1 – still trashed!

So GOPATH now changed to gogo

export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/texbin
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
export GOPATH=/Volumes/WorkingBox/Development/gogo

So still no joy!

But remove everything at $GOPATH and reinstalled off the encrypted volume onto my on local volume. Tried again. And success with the TOML test case AND with my config file from Day 7!



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