Search Gear #9 – and More Testing!

Search Gear Notes

Search Gear Notes come through with an Academic account with free repos’! Nice one Brad @droneio.

A-Level results day so no much Go-ing on!

But re ran my test code after system restart – just in case it was anything I did in yesterdays session which didn’t continue through to today and SUCESS!

Simon-Harpers-iMac:searchgear sharper$ go run searchgear.go
(string) (len=25) "piJNV9nZS5dYDxTTc6H"

Thank You Gods of Go!

So lets rebuild some of the config work I neglected yesterday and the day before while trying to get Go to work again! and Open at my side!

Still testing the configure package I’m building – tacking a while as I’m using it to understand the language better!

Very interesting ways of doing things – all very simple right now but still. Lets see how we get on tomorrow see if we can get moving and get some test sorted too.

Nope still no good… others I’ve looked at:
gettext: a MO file parser
Internationalization plan for Go

Aren’t doing it for me…

OK Wrapped my own stub….

Now lets try a test


Oh ACE stupid minor success!

Simon-Harpers-iMac:searchgear sharper$ go test -v
=== RUN TestConfigure
--- PASS: TestConfigure (0.00 seconds)
ok 0.091s

Simon-Harpers-iMac:searchgear sharper$ go tool cover -func=cover.out lang 100.0% Configure 0.0%
total: (statements) 8.3%


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