ACM SIGWeb Report



You’ll need to wait for my full report in the SIGWEB newsletter, but as I’m at Hypertext to give the SIGWeb annual report a tester is probably called for.

We can characterise the SIG as exhibiting increasing impact and influence, while showing reduced membership.

While the conferences we run and the research we publish are increasingly relevant to the community (seen by increasing conference attendance and therefore revenue, and increasing digital library downloads, again increasing revenue) we can also see a continued and slight decline in membership – which we need to address.

The last year has been an exciting one for SIGWEB. From the sponsorship of six Web conferences, to that of Cooperating Conferences; from the increase in student travel sponsorship (to $36,000pa), to our increasing volunteer effort; the SIG has been at work at all levels of our domain.

In short SIGWEB has successfully expanded its range of conference sponsorships, is working hard on membership and volunteer development and benefits, and is financially healthy with a solid leadership.

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