Neurodiversity HCI

In an attempt to take notes on stuff I’ve read (similar to Mark Bernstein does for books) – I’ve adopted Mendeley as my reference library manager (love the BibTex support). I’m also investigating Publons to make paper review notes with too! I suppose that producing notes helps me remember the work and investigate its useful…


Walt Disney Imagineering

No Brain Left Behind

In the digital economy, knowledge is the most important thing. This simple fact is the reason why accessibility is important to business. All knowledge, no matter who from is useful, and the more diverse the group of Knowledgeers you have, more commercially viable your organisation, because the more flexible it will ‘think’. There is a reason why…


PayPal it seems Do Have Your Back!

The other week I complained online about how PayPal let their customers down with a 45 day opt out clause which means that they don’t look at claims over 45 days old. I butted against this recently with a fraudulent trader who was not going to supply me the product I’d used PayPal to purchase.…