ACM SIGWeb Report

You’ll need to wait for my full report in the SIGWEB newsletter, but as I’m at Hypertext to give the SIGWeb annual report a tester is probably called for. We can characterise the SIG as exhibiting increasing impact and influence, while showing reduced membership. While the conferences we run and the research we publish are increasingly…


Search Gear Notes

Search Gear #15 – Half Way – Interfaces

I’m half way through my 30 days of code, it wont all be contiguous but I hope the 30 day sprint will get me much further forward with go. Then it will be back to a day a week of gophering. My third week of gophering suggests that if you don’t know about interfaces then…

Search Gear Notes

Search Gear #14 – Pseudo Constructors!

Changed the config twitter caller to a pseudo constructor thus func NewTwitter(file string) (*twitter, error) { tw := new(twitter) var parser toml.Parser if _, err := ioutil.ReadFile(file); err != nil { tw.errors = errors.New(co.Lang(“could not find the configuration file, you’ll need to provide these setting for twitter to work”)) } else { toml := parser.ParseFile(file)…