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Attention Approximation – distribution of cognitive load

Was talking with Andy this morning re ‘TV no longer commands our full attention’ [1] and the work we are doing with the BBC. It was interesting to consider the outcomes of the paper in the light of the attention approximation work, also with regard to the implication that there is an increased cognitive load and we…

Defocus to Refocus

The world is becoming evermore precise – well at least our desire to measure it, quantify it, model it with ever more precision. But it’s time to step back and think just what these models are intended to accomplish.

Attention Approximation: from the Web to multi-screen television

Humans are approximate creatures, we aren’t precise, and if this blog is anything to go by, we aren’t concise either! So then why do we persist in pursuing work which is ever more precise using tools which are sold on their precision. Eye-tracking is just one example of this – an individual gaze plot maybe precise, but start to add participants and you get gaze-spaghetti; nothing precise there. So lets step away from precision – in order to get some focus (no pun intended). This idea has led us to think about a new kind of metric we’re calling attention approximation, and our paper at the CHI13 DigitalTV Workshop is it’s first outing.