Web, Art, Science Camp: Broadly a Success! #webartsci

So I recently attended the Web, Art, Science Un-conference / Camp and I must say it was pretty good. While it was a small affair attracting about 35 participants, the bulk being Web Scientists from Southampton, it was refreshing to see different literary work and analysis in a scientific context. I’d say that for the next one a greater effort needs to be made to attract practising artists and writers as opposed to scientist and academics studying literature.

Web4All Conference 2010

This years conference focused on Developing Regions wishing to investigate accessibilities Common Goals and Common Problems. The rationale was that the community thought that a revolution in the information society was starting, based on the use of mobile phones in developing countries. The hyper-growth of mobile phone penetration was deeply changing the lives of people in most of the world; their ways of communicating, working, learning, and structuring their societies. The promising next step was obviously to access the Web. The Web had already touched the lives of over a billion people and now was the time for the next billions.

Interaction Research Dead at WWW

Lets be honest, if you’re into linkedata, search, or social networks you’re going to get some papers within your domain, if you’re into interaction research its going to be very meagre pickings.