Neurodiversity HCI

In an attempt to take notes on stuff I’ve read (similar to Mark Bernstein does for books) – I’ve adopted Mendeley as my reference library manager (love the BibTex support). I’m also investigating Publons to make paper review notes with too! I suppose that producing notes helps me remember the work and investigate its useful…

Industrial Ties NOT Industrial Development

I was recently asked by Research Councils UK ‘What are the key future challenges that UK HCI researchers can address and how can the UK research be better placed to contribute?’ Well apart from RCUK actually funding some research I thing it is by providing the research to inform industrial development; instead of often trying to build an industrial product ourselves as a demonstrator, or indeed, as the whole project.

Users at WWW2013

As per normal, my short and mostly unheard rant about HCI and WWW! This year we did have some HCI under the title ‘Social Web UI’. Two other session did look promising, ‘User Behavior in OSN’ and ‘Behavioral Analysis’, but alas no, miss titled in mine, and other HCI’ers opinion. These were mostly ‘throw tweets at ML/AI’ and wait. Social Web UI was the only viable option.