The ACM Hypertext and Social Media Conference is for YOU!

You may not believe it, but ACM Hypertext and Social Media conference maybe just he place your your HCI and/or Accessibility work. With average downloads per article running at 384 and average citations per article at 6.87 (according to ACM bibliometrics) this 100 person conference is comparable to CHI.

Is Accessibility Conformance an Elusive Property?

Well we undertook a study of validity and reliability of WCAG 2.0 and found that an 80% target for agreement is not attainable, when audits are conducted without communication between evaluators. Even with experienced evaluators the error rate is relatively high; and further, untrained accessibility auditors -be they developers or quality testers from other domains- do much worse than this. Read the full published text via ACM Author-izer Open Access on the publications page.

The Interplay Between Web Aesthetics and Accessibility [#accessibility #a11y #aesthetics #ASSETS11]

‘Web pages judged on the classical dimension as being visually clean showed significant correlations with accessibility, suggesting that visual cleanness may be a suitable proxy measure for accessibility as far as people with visual impairments are concerned. Expressive designs and other aesthetic dimensions showed no such correlation, however, demonstrating that an expressive or aesthetically pleasing Web design is not a barrier to accessibility.’