What Makes Digital Inclusion Good or Bad?

Richard Stallman came to talk with us on the 26th June 2012, about his view of Digital Inclusion; and that it is not always good. This seems especially the case if the software you are using is proprietary, on a device, or SaaS. You can make your own decision as I audio recorded the talk (in ogg – as per his request). While it’s 1h18m long, I transcribed just the first 10m in an attempt to see if any volunteers thought it important enough to transcribe the rest in 10m chunks.

Raspberry Pi [#accessibility #a11y]

I recently blogged about a EU CARDIAC meeting in San Sebastian, discussing low income – ‘Identify human factors barriers to health, education, and participation of low income groups.’ stating that ‘There are significant and untapped opportunities to use technology better on behalf of citizens, communities, and digitally disenfranchised groups.’