Advice for Alzheimer’s Carers

Last week I proposed that we moderate or move our accessibility, assistive technology, rehabilitation engineering, and eHealth efforts away from direct solutions for people with Alzheimer’s and start to concentrate more on those who do the caring. Based on our experiences, there are seven pieces of practical advice I’d like to give to families who…

Perceptions of Alzheimer’s – #accessibility #a11y

At 04:48 on Wednesday 25th April 2012 my Mum died of Alzheimer’s. She’d had the illness for four years and over the last three to four months been in and out of hospital. Over the last weeks I’ve been thinking about how ‘we’ perceive Alzheimer’s, and how the people with the condition perceive it and how it affects their perceived quality of life. This is the first of what I intend to be fours posts over the next few weeks on the subject.