Scientific Movember

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Movember is now in its tenth year but like many men, I’ve resisted the urge to grow a Mo because of an inability to grow a decent moustache a reluctance to look like a p0rn star / seventies pervert / gay cowboy [delete as appropriate] a fear of scaring off potential…


CS Impact Factors are ‘Pants’

To clarify, ‘pants’ is a British adjective meaning ‘rubbish’. And what I mean to say is that Impact factors for the broadly based CS journals are inaccurate and should not be trusted as a mark of academic progression of ranking. Why? Well let me tell you…

ACM Author-Izer

The I think you will agree there are many problems with both the open access and closed access models of academic publishing. The closed access model forces the reader to pay (often within the region of US$25) per article, while the open model forces the author to pay (often within the region of US$1500) per article. The ACM seems to have found an excellent middle ground with their new Author-Izer service.

Open Access at a Price

I was recently offered the ability to publish one of my journal papers in a reputable journal but ‘Open Access’. The facility for me to do this was at the bargain price of $3250.