Why Most Published Research Findings are False – Or Are They?

Of the 49 articles, 45 claimed to have uncovered effective interventions. Thirty-four of these claims had been retested, and 14 of these, or 41 percent, had been convincingly shown to be wrong or significantly exaggerated. If between a third and a half of the most acclaimed research in medicine was proving untrustworthy, the scope and impact of the problem were undeniable.

Fitts, and the Amplitude of Movement

The key aspect of this work is that it is not the extent of the studies – using hundreds of participants for one specific protocol – but the combination of three experimental protocols coupled with small user groups.

The Cocktail Party Problem [#accessibility #a11y]

This can only be useful work in the domain of blindness, situation impairment, and accessibility in that it may be possible to convey limited Web page information spatially, dynamically, and with a high degree of comprehension at seven (or nine) times faster because of the ability to comprehend highly parallel speech.