Accessibility in Use

Accessibility in Use, if you haven’t already heard the phrase you better get used to it, because I think it is such a simple yet elegant concept that its here to stay.

Accessibility at Apple – One Year On

Friday, October 5 2012 marked the one-year anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple’s visionary CEO that brought the iPod, iPhone, iPad and a bevy of other devices into the world. Jobs and Apple essentially jump-started the smart-phone revolution, and that revolution has been very useful for the accessibility community.

Advice for Alzheimer’s Carers

Last week I proposed that we moderate or move our accessibility, assistive technology, rehabilitation engineering, and eHealth efforts away from direct solutions for people with Alzheimer’s and start to concentrate more on those who do the caring. Based on our experiences, there are seven pieces of practical advice I’d like to give to families who…