UX Open Courseware – #ux

Regular readers will have noticed a lack of posts in February. February was a crazy busy month because I was trying to get my new final year module up and running. The module is titled ‘User Experience from 30,000ft’ and the materials are presented as Open Courseware.

The Personality Principle [#ux]

If your interface has personality, good or bad aesthetics, quality, flow, satisfaction, or fulfilment are not important; I’d probably even go as far as saying that usability is not important either. Personality trumps all the rest because it is the only one that can give the user an emotionally valuable engagement with the software engineering artefact. There are no tests for this principle, if it has personality you’ll know it!

UX Syllabus [#ux]

I’m writing a final year undergraduate unit on UX – it will be the first that that they have seen being that we are a hardcore engineering School – and I’d like your thoughts! Ignore the administrative stuff associated with work her in Manchester, but what about the unit content (both at the bottom)? Any suggestions for units that have already proved effective will be greatly appreciated!

The Interplay Between Web Aesthetics and Accessibility [#accessibility #a11y #aesthetics #ASSETS11]

‘Web pages judged on the classical dimension as being visually clean showed significant correlations with accessibility, suggesting that visual cleanness may be a suitable proxy measure for accessibility as far as people with visual impairments are concerned. Expressive designs and other aesthetic dimensions showed no such correlation, however, demonstrating that an expressive or aesthetically pleasing Web design is not a barrier to accessibility.’