W4A and W4A Camp Trip Report

Well as you can expect, after the W4A 2013 and W4A Camp 2013 there comes the trip report. I can tell you that the research was excellent and the quality of discussion was awesome. But don’t take my word for it have a look at the videos for each session.

Dynamic Injection of WAI-ARIA into Web Content

What do you do when the coder’s haven’t included WAI-ARIA in the AJAX. Option 1, ignore it and quote the guidelines; Option 2, try to manually flag it and fix it; or Option 3 try to automatically fix it by programmatically injecting the correct WAI-ARIA directly into content – client side. We discuss Option 3!

Call of the Wild

Longitudinal observations in the wild are becoming increasingly seen as the place to look for rich data about the user experience; and this experience is shared by users with disabilities. Thanks to the W4A review committee for understanding this and accepting our communication about our work in the field ‘Understanding Users in the Wild’ a…

W4A – Are You Ready?

We are fast approaching the paper deadline for the 10th Web For All (W4A) Conference. Time to get those papers, communications, demo’s, and student papers polished – because this year we’ll be partying in Rio!