Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools Only Produce a 60-70% Correctness

As you may already know, last week a critique appeared of a paper authored by three friends of mine, Markel Vigo, Justin Brown, and Vivian Conway. Indeed, Markel and I are colleagues in the same laboratory. This critique was written by Karl Groves regarding a paper entitled “Benchmarking web accessibility evaluation tools: measuring the harm…

Disabled Users are Überusers

Or at least that is what our WebSci13 paper ‘Considering People with Disabilities as Überusers for Eliciting Generalisable Coping Strategies on the Web’ proposes.

SIGWEB Annual Report

The last year has been an exciting one for SIGWEB. From the sponsorship of the large Web Science Conference, to that of the small Social Network Working Group; from the increase in student travel sponsorship (to $25,000pa), to our increasing volunteer effort; the SIG has been at work at all levels of our domain.