ACM ASSETS 2014 Doctoral Consortium

ASSETS 2014 in Rochester, NY

ASSETS 2014 in Rochester, NY

This year I was a faculty panelist at the ACM ASSETS DC. I must say that the quality of these submissions have been going up and up in comparison to the main conference. Indeed, in some case the work and it’s vision seems better than some of the main programme. Of course these are often not fully mature or fully developed, and there is always the temptation to start to work towards publications every year such that the work becomes, in some way, less than he whole.

But this said, very impressed by both the students and the work, and of course kudos to their supervisors.

Thanks also must go to Heidi and Claude who arranged such a great panel.

Here’s the work… but get over to the ACM site to read the full papers

Blind Drawing: Investigation into screen location tracking for computer aided interactive drawing
Sandra Fernando

Draw and Drag: Accessible touchscreen geometry for students who are blind
William Grussenmeyer

mHealth technologies for the self-management of Diabetes in the older population
Sam Alexander

Web searching by individuals with cognitive disabilities
Redhwan Nour

Using social microvolunteering to answer visual questions from blind users
Erin Brady

Developing a chairable computing platform to support power wheelchair users
Patrick Carrington

Scalable methods to collect and visualize sidewalk accessibility data for people with mobility impairments
Kotaro Hara

Touch-based interaction for older adults
Afroza Sultana, Karyn Moffatt

The use of concurrent speech to enhance blind people’s scanning for relevant information
João Guerreiro


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