Neurodiversity HCI



In an attempt to take notes on stuff I’ve read (similar to Mark Bernstein does for books) – I’ve adopted Mendeley as my reference library manager (love the BibTex support). I’m also investigating Publons to make paper review notes with too!

I suppose that producing notes helps me remember the work and investigate its useful ness to my current projects – I also note that I’m not doing a lot of consuming notes but I’m hoping that might change as I’s like to be able to get notes attached to the papers I’m interested in. I also see that research blogging may be a way to share my thoughts as I already consume from there.

I’m not sure why, maybe it is because the product of computer science is often code, but there seems to be very little CS based paper reviews / note taking.

So here is my first notes on publons for Dalton, N. S. (2013). Neurodiversity HCI. Interactions, 20(2), 72. doi:10.1145/2427076.2427091


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