Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools Only Produce a 60-70% Correctness

As you may already know, last week a critique appeared of a paper authored by three friends of mine, Markel Vigo, Justin Brown, and Vivian Conway. Indeed, Markel and I are colleagues in the same laboratory. This critique was written by Karl Groves regarding a paper entitled “Benchmarking web accessibility evaluation tools: measuring the harm…

Coping tactics employed by visually disabled users on the web

Some new work – just off the press: We provide 17 coping tactics visually disabled users employ on the Web. We frame problematic situations that provoke tactics within the context of coping theory. Coping tactics are behavioural markers of cognitive processes that indicate problematic situations. Detecting tactics enables alleviating problematic situations and opens new avenues in web evaluation and modelling.

W4A and W4A Camp Trip Report

Well as you can expect, after the W4A 2013 and W4A Camp 2013 there comes the trip report. I can tell you that the research was excellent and the quality of discussion was awesome. But don’t take my word for it have a look at the videos for each session.