Help Me Convince My Faculty that HCI is Important

When you’re part of a hard core Engineering School it’s sometimes difficult to convince your fellows of the importance of Teaching HCI to Undergraduates. However, here at Manchester we’ve been given the go ahead to try and put together a full Undergraduate Programme in HCI – but we need your help to convince our faculty that here is a desire for HCI teaching at an undergraduate level. That’s where you come in…

I’ve a 1 minute survey for prospective students ‘HCI Programme Applicant Thoughts’ and can be found at

And another 1 minute survey for companies and fellow researchers called ‘CS@MCR – HCI / UX Undergraduate Degree Programme’ that can be found at

So we are provisionally thinking of creating a new HCI / UX undergraduate programme. This idea came about because we are increasingly asked to provide technical people who understand the user too. We will be training high quality (A-levels at AAB – STEM) students in Computer Science and Software Engineering, but also in Human Factors / UX by pulling in units from Neuroscience, Psychology, and Social Science. Please help us make our case buy providing some feedback.


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